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#14225519 Oct 10, 2019 at 07:17 PM
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Mcfappins --- ninja looter

Choww --- multi pull and aggro dump onto other players

Theboy --- Need roll on int + heal gear

Deviin --- doesn't wait for mana, cant hold aggro

Snookum --- Arms warrior plays tank. Don't use a shield, doesn't wait for mana. Cant hold aggro

Electrician --- Ditched group after start because apog was pulling mobs for XP in dungeon.

Gerro --- 0 communication, looted chests without roll then warned about the etiquette and mined during combat pulls

Lug --- intentional trolling

Beerbuttchug --- ninja and group leaver

Arcinus --- ninja looter

Dragonzord --- ninja looter

Patty --- over pulls then feign deaths adds onto you

Iceehot -- Follows you and purposely takes kills so you cant have any (even whens theres more around)

Nagas - Belives that everything should be given to him, believes our guild is shit and will be trying to "Snipe"people from our guild

Franny - pulls without checking out mana and gets mad when you wipe and blames on healer and rest of the group

Fartghost -- Cannot be bothered to hold aggro, tries to control party simply based on his level, doesnt pay attention to healer's mana, complains about heals when all he does is pull whole rooms before party is ready.

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